Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers!


When are sign-ups? Sign-ups start May 1 and run through the entire month of May.

How much does it cost?  Fees for the 2019/2020 season:

1st player  $95.00

2nd player (sibling) $90.00

3rd and consecutive player (sibling) $85.00

Can I make payments?  For the 2019 Fall Season, families may set up a payment program when registering online.  In order to do this, you must register all players from your family at the same time, no later than May 31st, and pay an initial down payment of $50/player.  The credit card you use will be saved in the system and will be automatically charged on June 20th for the remainder due. An additional $2.00 service fee will be applied.  Any payments that are denied by your financial institution, regardless of the reason, are your responsibility to make good. Failure to the payments to clear will cause the player(s) to be placed on a waitlist and may cause ineligibility to participate.  Down payments will not be refunded as the league is incurred charges related to the registration. It is your responsibility to contact us if there is a problem with your payment.

Is there financial assistance?  For 2019, HYSL has a generous number of reduced-fee registrations available, thanks in part to $2500.00 in grant funds from Humboldt Sponsors and $1000.00 from The Schmidbauer Family Foundation.  This will allow us to provide partial and full financial assistance for approximately 50 players for registration, as well as issue vouchers for soccer gear.

Because the total amount of funds available vary each year, HYSL may change the terms and policies regarding assistance from year to year.  To learn more about the use this link: HYSL Financial Assistance Information

I missed sign-ups, is it too late to register?  Once the registration period has ended, HYSL will accept late registrations for a wait list.  A mandatory late fee of $20 per registrant is added will to all late registrations. While forming teams, if space is available, players will be added from the wait list.  If HYSL is unable to place your player by August 31, HYSL will refund your fees.

What age group will my child be in?  See our age matrix  HYSL 2019 Age Matrix

Can my children play on the same team as their siblings?  If the siblings are in the same gender and age group, you may request to have them play on the same team.  

Can I request my child to play with his friends/schoolmates/prior team?  Due to the increased number of players in recent years, the player/team request policy for 2019 permits ONE (1) request per player:   Option A:  provide name of ONE (1) player - OR - Option B:  provide name of ONE (1) coach/assistant coach.  REQUESTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Requests must be made at the time of registration on the players registration form.  Requests made after a registration is submitted will not be accepted for consideration.

*COACHES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO REQUEST PLAYERS, however they are encouraged to contact the league to identify their co-coach.


What is Little Kickers?

The 2019 Little Kickers Program will be for players who were born in 2015.  Sessions will be held on Friday afternoons, exact time TBA. This group is co-ed.  Players will be put on small teams of 5-6 players. Two parents per team are needed to help coach each team.  Our Little Kickers Director will help train the parents and help facilitate the pre-set curriculum. Players will receive a Little Kickers T-shirt and a ball (ball to be given at the end of the season).  Practices and will run for approximately 9 weeks.


What equipment/gear does my child need?  Shin guards and soccer cleats are mandatory.  Long socks to cover the OUTSIDE of the shin guard.  Players who have exposed shin guards will not be allowed to participate in practices or games.  Shorts without pockets or belt loops and a comfortable t-shirt are recommended for practices. Each player will be issued a pair of shorts, socks, and a jersey for game days.

What is the Jamboree?  The jamboree is designed to kick-off the season.  This year’s jamboree will be on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at Redwood Fields.  U6 through U10 teams will play two games of abbreviated length.   Some teams may also have their player photos scheduled on this day.  

Can my child play in a different age group?  On very rare occasions, HYSL has permitted players to play UP an age group.  The process requires a written request from the parent of the player, citing circumstances that would support the need to move the player. Players are only permitted to play down an age group upon request from a parent and citing valid medical necessity.  All requests for players to play up or down must be received in writing by June 1 and the parent must also attend the June HYSL Board Meeting.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

When does the season start?  For 2019, practices are tentatively scheduled to start the week of August 19.  Please note that U12 and U14 age groups may potentially start practicing as early as August 12, pending league needs regarding scheduling.  

When does the season end?  In 2019, the season will end the weekend of November 2nd/3rd.

When are practices?  Practices are determined by the head coach of each team. You will be notified of your child’s team’s practice dates in early-mid August.  If you have limited flexibility for when your child can attend practices, please consider coaching your child’s team so that you may select the practice schedule that best accommodates you.

Can my child wear a watch or earrings?  Jewelry is not permitted.  If your child has pierced ears, the earrings must be removed for practices and games.  Watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc., must all be removed.

Are there other rules? Yes.  There are a lot of rules to the game of soccer.  First, read about HYSL Rules.



I don’t see an answer to my question.  How can I reach a league representative?   This list is not intended to be all-inclusive of the information we have to provide.  We will be adding more questions, and answers, throughout the season, so please check back.  The quickest way to receive a response is to email us at humboldtyouthsoccer@gmail.com or send us a message through Facebook.  You may also leave a message on our voicemail, 707.444.8845, please allow 3-5 business days for a league representative to return your call.

We will be adding more questions and answers throughout the season, so please check back.