Referee Corner

Thank you for your participation in Humboldt Youth Soccer Leagues referee program. Referees are an important part of our league and we want to provide you with the best support and tools you need. Explore the links below to learn about referee trainings and registration.

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referee training


HYSL is co-hosting with Mad River Youth Soccer a grade 8 referee training on Aug. 17 & 18 in Arcata.  See instructions below.


Please follow the directions below for training or renewal as appropriate for you. Follow the link to the website, then follow the directions.

2019 referee renewal instructions:

  1. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses”

  2. Select and click on “Referee Courses” – (This will bring up several available Registration choices.)

  3. Select and click on 2019 Referee: ANNUAL USSF REGISTRATION RENEWAL – GRADE

  4. Continue to follow and fill out the remaining Registration and Payment procedures until all is completed.

  5. Continue with the Confirmation Page. Your Registration will be processed by the State and then the National Office.

  6. You may check upon your status by returning to your Account at : The Main Page of your account will list your USSF Registration History and indicate your Status.

  7. You may also refer or confirm your Registration Payment by entering your Account and clicking on “Confirmed Reg” under the Main Menu on the left.


Minimum age to participate as a referee is 12 years old as of September 1, 2019. If you are interested in becoming a referee with Humboldt Youth Soccer League, please contact us with your information here.

2019 first time referees or two + years since training

Log into your account or create one if this is your first time.

  1. Click on Courses on the left

  2. Click on Referee Courses

  3. Click on Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course

  4. Select course 29467 (Humboldt Youth Soccer league) to register for the course.  If you are reffing for HYSL, and this is your first time taking the class, HYSL will cover your registration fees.  Course details are listed when registering.

Our region is considered NORTH upon sign up. The cost of the course is $75.  HYSL will pay your fee if this is your first time taking this course, select the pay at class option.  If you are not reffing for HYSL you may pay online or pay at class (bring a check to class if paying on site).

For more information on referee wages for 2019, select the button below.